Friday Cocktail – Raspberry Truffle


OK, so you may not think this is as nearly funny as I did… OK, it’s more “sad” than funny…

I just started writing a Friday Cocktail for today… it was the same thing I wrote exactly one month ago today! THEN I thought “Oh… you never posted your Homemade Amaretto … YEP, I did that five weeks ago… 🙁

WOW! I either need a nap or a drink… LOL

So, instead, how about this one… I haven’t posted it yet! 😉

As the post title hints, OK it’s not really hinting, it’s called a Raspberry Truffle. The best part is that I get to use my new “cordial glasses” Hubby gave me for Valentine’s Day! 😀

Cast of Characters: Cream (or half-in-half), Chambord (raspberry liqueur) and Amaretto. Remember you don’t have any Amaretto, can make Homemade Amaretto.

Pour in Chambord into an ice-filled cordial glass, as you can see, I chose to not make mine “on the rocks”. Isn’t that a cool cordial glass? They can also be used for mini-trifles. 😉

Add Amaretto…

Top with cream…

Stir and garnish with raspberry or cherry if desired

I LOVE this drink! It’s tastes just like a raspberry truffle candy, but with a bit of a kick… YUMMMM!

1 oz Chambord® raspberry liqueur
1/2 oz amaretto almond liqueur
Cream (or half-and-half if that’s all you have)
Raspberry or Cherry for garnish
Ice if desired

1. Pour in Chambord into an ice-filled cordial glass

2. Add Amaretto

3. Top with cream

4. Stir and garnish with raspberry or cherry if desired

Needless-to-say, this post started out a bit crazy, but ends with a wonderful tasting Raspberry Truffle.

Have you made your Amaretto yet?