I Heart Photography


One of my greatest passions is photography. Back in 2006 Hubby bought me a Canon 20D for my birthday. I also received an amazing telephoto lens. I predominately took photos of The Offspring’s softball games. I had so many parents ask me if I would take photos for them because I was able to . . . → Read More: I Heart Photography

Kansas City Storm Pic to Raise Money for Joplin

Used with permission of Scott Cook; taken from the top of Bishop-McCann on May 24, 2011

I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s “home” to me… even though I have not lived there for 29 years… Recent storms which have hit Joplin, MO tug at my heart strings so much.

A friend of mine sent me a link to the amazing photo of KC during the recent . . . → Read More: Kansas City Storm Pic to Raise Money for Joplin

Action Shot – Hitting


I have a small photography business and take a variety of types of photos. Most of my clients are Senior portraits, but have during summer softball I have been known to take well over 1,000 softball photos. I try to take photos that don’t need editing, but when I do need editing I use . . . → Read More: Action Shot – Hitting

Is there a doctor in the House?


John T. Woods, photo used with permission

How many of you remember John T. Woods?

If not, take a look at my John T. Woods post. Love his smile!!

Remember, he’s my co-worker’s actor son who has co-starred in a few of TV shows (Dark Blue, 24, iCarly, and The Ex . . . → Read More: Is there a doctor in the House?

November Roses

Yep, you read that right… November roses…

Portland, Oregon is known as The Rose City. I don’t live in Portland, but do live in Oregon. We usually have rain nine months out of the year. I HATE our near-constant overcast rainy season (October-June). I am not a vampire and like the blue sunny . . . → Read More: November Roses

Guest Post – Jewelry for Sale

This is a guest post of sorts…

My friend C recently got a divorce. She wants to sell her rings. I have no idea how much she wants, but if you’re genuinely interested, leave a comment. My blog requires your email address, so I will have it and can forward it on to her.​

. . . → Read More: Guest Post – Jewelry for Sale