Garden Prep 2012


As I’ve mentioned multiple times it rains a lot in Oregon. The last two months has been bad. Many of The Offspring’s softball games had to be moved or postponed because of the rain. Taking care of ones yard and garden gets difficult.

I have to admit I got really lazy… partly because . . . → Read More: Garden Prep 2012

More Spring Happiness


First of all, YES I AM posting two blog posts on back-to-back days. And NO Hell didn’t freeze over last night…

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m starting to come out of my funk… it’s amazing what sunshine does for my spirits.

I had another surprise yesterday, but couldn’t get a picture until after . . . → Read More: More Spring Happiness

Spring is near


I sure wish Spring would get here already – well, except for the dang Oregon rain!!

While I was in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago, I saw this little crocus smiling at me and couldn’t resist taking a “quick shot”. It is at my Mom’s and it was there just for me . . . → Read More: Spring is near

Attack of the Mutant Radishes


I have shared a bit about my garden this year. I showed you my beautiful radishes at 4 weeks.

Now… three weeks later… I have mutant radishes!

I have anorexia ones… These two were from the same row – just 6 inches apart! Why is that one (actually it’s not alone) so flipping . . . → Read More: Attack of the Mutant Radishes

They’re back!


Warning… You are going to think I’m insane by the time you finish reading this post…

The other night was sitting on the couch and heard a bug bouncing on the ceiling – you know the sound… like a moth or fly. “UGH!” I instantly thought of Emily’s Tweet about moths being dusty… She . . . → Read More: They’re back!

Garden 2011 Update: 4 Weeks Growth and 2nd Harvest


I had my second harvest yesterday…

I bought Ed Hume radish seeds and chose the Sparkler and Champion radishes. They are SOOOO easy to grow. WOW! It’s been four weeks since I planted my radishes and look at these beauties!

Aren’t they beautiful?!

Since I planted them for Hubby I gave most . . . → Read More: Garden 2011 Update: 4 Weeks Growth and 2nd Harvest