Friday Cocktail – Pisa Liqueur


I’ve had a couple of Friday Cocktails which use Frangelico hazelnut liqueur. I also LOVE amaretto which is an almond liqueur… like seriously LOVE it! I even have nonalcoholic amaretto flavored coffee syrup.

When I stopped at the liquor store to buy more amaretto they had a sampling of Pisa Liqueur. Pisa is . . . → Read More: Friday Cocktail – Pisa Liqueur

Friday Cocktail – Nuts and Berries


Yes, I know it’s Saturday, but I wrote this on Friday and forgot to post it.

I have had several Friday Cocktails which have used vodka or other “hard” liquor. Today I decided I wanted something less strong. My Peppermint Froth recipe has been quite popular on Pinterest so I thought I would . . . → Read More: Friday Cocktail – Nuts and Berries

Friday Cocktail – Peppermint Froth


I first had this drink when I went to dinner at a bar that Dude and I used to go to lunch (way back when we worked together). I liked it so much I had two.

After the second one arrived, I took this picture and of course I had to make . . . → Read More: Friday Cocktail – Peppermint Froth

Friday Cocktail – White Chocolate Martini


I’ve mentioned before that I have a “page-a-day” cocktail calendar. Well, last week they had a White Chocolate Martini. I made it, but it wasn’t so great, but I decided to deviate from the recipe and it turned out pretty good.

Cast of Characters: vodka, heavy cream, orange (all I had was a . . . → Read More: Friday Cocktail – White Chocolate Martini

Friday Cocktail – Pineapple Candy


This weeks’ drink stars a vodka that K8 and I tried some time ago and neither of us like it – granted we were tasting it straight and room temp. I’m talking about Pinnacle’s Country Fair Cotton Vodka (when I bought it it was called Cotton Candy).

I refuse to throw out a . . . → Read More: Friday Cocktail – Pineapple Candy

Friday Cocktail – Rangpur White Lady


I think I’ve mentioned that I have a “page-a-day” cocktail calendar. Well, back in July there as a drink listed. It sounded good, but I never got around to making it… until now… sort of. I’ve changed one of the ingredients a bit and I am SOOOO glad I did.

According to my calendar, . . . → Read More: Friday Cocktail – Rangpur White Lady