OCD Freakout


At work this past week at work it was “healthy week”. We received this thing to help help us reduce stress. Well… I experienced the opposite affect…


Christmas Tree Hunting 2013


We have a family tradition that the Saturday after Thanksgiving we go hunting for our Christmas tree. This year was a little more difficult because Hubby was scheduled to work, but we made it work. We make an outing of it. We drive to southwest of Portland to Sherwood to visit the Sleighbells. This . . . → Read More: Christmas Tree Hunting 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing you a wonderful and very Happy Thanksgiving! We’re driving this Thanksgiving to my in-laws and then back again Thanksgiving night – I have to work tomorrow.


What are your Thanksgiving plans?




WOW! I realize that in many parts of the country it gets cold, but here in Portland we don’t get a ton of below freezing temps. It’s flipping cold here this morning! Ice even closed The Fremont Bridge… a major traffic-way. Needless-to-say, traffic is a MESS!

What are your morning temps this . . . → Read More: Burrrrrrr

You Can’t Control Life, Only Your Attitude Towards It


I’m back! Yeah, I know, very rude of me to just drop off the planet like that. I’m sorry. Let me fill you in.

Several months ago, someone asked me how I was doing. My response was, “Still unemployed, but I am learning something new.” It felt good to say that. My stresses were . . . → Read More: You Can’t Control Life, Only Your Attitude Towards It

Video of the Day – Washing Chicken, Farting and Sweating


It’s amazing what you learn each day.

1) Don’t wash your chicken – washing causes bacteria to spray (fly/spread) around your kitchen. Cook to 165°F (74℃) to kill bacteria.

2) The average person farts 10 times a day. Healthy number is 10-20. More if eating “gassy” foods (garlic, onions, spicy foods, beer). Average . . . → Read More: Video of the Day – Washing Chicken, Farting and Sweating