Happy 25th Birthday, Toni


If you’ve been reading my blog for over a year, you may recall last year I posted about our very dear friend Toni’s 24th birthday. For those of you don’t know, our very dear friend Toni is in recovery and celebrates her AA birthday more than her “belly-button” birthday.

Well, today Toni has been . . . → Read More: Happy 25th Birthday, Toni

Happy 24th Birthday, Toni!

We have a VERY VERY VERY special friend. Her name is Toni. She’s also known as Tone.

Toni and Hubby started working at Intel on the same day way back in 1993… in fact… it was this time of year… so 18 years ago our life was blessed. Blessed because she came . . . → Read More: Happy 24th Birthday, Toni!