Friday Cocktail – Raspberry Truffle


OK, so you may not think this is as nearly funny as I did… OK, it’s more “sad” than funny…

I just started writing a Friday Cocktail for today… it was the same thing I wrote exactly one month ago today! THEN I thought “Oh… you never posted your Homemade Amaretto … YEP, . . . → Read More: Friday Cocktail – Raspberry Truffle

Friday Cocktail – Disaronno and Cranberry


If you recall, I mentioned that on New Year’s Eve, Hubby and I watched New Year’s Eve. Towards the end (1:29:42 into it), Sam (Josh Duhamel) arrives at the party and is handed his Disaronno and Cranberry cocktail. Admittedly, I’d not heard of this drink before watching the movie. Since I like cranberry . . . → Read More: Friday Cocktail – Disaronno and Cranberry

Friday Cocktail – Pisa Liqueur


I’ve had a couple of Friday Cocktails which use Frangelico hazelnut liqueur. I also LOVE amaretto which is an almond liqueur… like seriously LOVE it! I even have nonalcoholic amaretto flavored coffee syrup.

When I stopped at the liquor store to buy more amaretto they had a sampling of Pisa Liqueur. Pisa is . . . → Read More: Friday Cocktail – Pisa Liqueur