Is a Change Coming?


Ominous title, eh?

Yesterday morning, I was lying in bed after enjoying my extra hour of sleep – YEAH “fall back”… boooo no more sunlight going to-from work (wait who am I kidding, most of the fall/winter we don’t have sun so what does it matter? Strange, it does matter that I know . . . → Read More: Is a Change Coming?

Didn’t Listen to My Voice of Reason


Sometimes I can be a real B-I-T-C-H bitch. I know and I often hate it and regret it even more. (Evil Gypsy, feel free to sling the comments my way!)

I recently REALLY blew it. I tried not to. I even had my voice of reason on my shoulder (aka my dear friend Kim) . . . → Read More: Didn’t Listen to My Voice of Reason

I haven’t forgotten about you


Have you ever felt like you’re missing out on life? Me, too.

I feel really awful… My day is not be complete until I read all “my favorite blogs”, but I am sooo far behind that I feel like I’m missing out on so much.

Life has been nuts for so many months that . . . → Read More: I haven’t forgotten about you

Sorry for being so quiet

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet this week. I fell down the stairs last Friday (handrail is back up now – update: I had told them it was OK to not put it up until they were done) and needless-to-say it’s been a LONG week. I’m on the mend, but haven’t felt like . . . → Read More: Sorry for being so quiet