AMAZING Customer Service – @Beaterblade


If you’re like me, you likely do A LOT of Christmas baking. A few years ago I bought a KitchenAid bowl-lift mixer from Costco. I LOVE IT, save for one little thing… the metal blade doesn’t clean the sides of the bowl that well. I hated having to stop and scrap the sides. OK, . . . → Read More: AMAZING Customer Service – @Beaterblade

Mystery Photo Answered


On Monday, I posted this Mystery Photo…

Well, Nicole was right… It is a double banana bread batch.

Stef’s Zucchini Bread


If you recall from about a month ago, I wrote about Zucchini Coming Out My Ears. It froze very well. It is really nice to have a bunch of zucchini in the freezer so when I’m craving my killer Zucchini Bread I can easily make some.

Cast of characters: eggs, oil, vanilla, sugar, . . . → Read More: Stef’s Zucchini Bread

Mystery Photo


The Offspring was home this past weekend from college – wait, I think I have not shared that she’s left for college about five weeks ago. Yep, my baby is at college… I also just realized I didn’t share that she was on TV a few weeks ago… Ooops! Silly me…

Anyway, back to . . . → Read More: Mystery Photo

Message Hearts and Beautiful Flowers


I realize that Valentine’s Day was three weeks ago, but life has not been too great recently. So, please enjoy this post even though it is three weeks late.

As I mentioned in my Newest Addiction post, I now using Pinterest. I follow Lori the RecipeGirl on Pinterest and Twitter. For Valentine’s Day Lori . . . → Read More: Message Hearts and Beautiful Flowers

Homemade Vanilla After Seven Weeks


If you recall, back in October I wrote about making Homemade Vanilla. I had full intentions on posting weekly updates. As you have surmised, I didn’t get that done.

Remember Day One?

Here is after a week. It’s much darker than on Day One…

…and after seven weeks you can see it . . . → Read More: Homemade Vanilla After Seven Weeks