Apple Pie in an Apple


Greetings this fine January day! WOW! That really sounds chipper and upbeat! I think it is because there was this GIANT BRIGHT ORB in the sky this morning and on top of the SUN shining I’m actually starting to feel better!!! YIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!! I really really really hate being sick. It lasts “forever”! It’s been . . . → Read More: Apple Pie in an Apple

Roasted Garlic


For Thanksgiving I made Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes. They were such a hit that I made them again for Christmas. The downside is that unless you buy roasted garlic, you have to plan ahead. It is REALLY REALLY easy to roast garlic.

I have a garlic roaster made by Progressive, but you do NOT . . . → Read More: Roasted Garlic

2011′s 10 Most Popular Recipes


Wow, I can’t believe that it’s already 2012. I thought I would list 2011’s 10 most popular viewed recipes. It is interesting because some of these are my favorites. Interestingly enough three of the top four were from 2010. Have you tried any of these? Leave a comment and let me know which . . . → Read More: 2011′s 10 Most Popular Recipes

Sugar Overload


We’re having a “Holiday Goodie Sharing” today at work. I got nominated to coordinate it. That’s what I get for suggesting it and not being at the meeting where it was discussed. (Thanks, Kim! )

I made two different sugar cookie recipes (of which I will share very soon). While I was frosting the . . . → Read More: Sugar Overload

Homemade Peanut Butter


Don’t you just hate it when you go to the store and they don’t have what you want? I buy my peanut butter at Costco and want a specific type. They’ve not had it the last three times I’ve looked. How hard is it for them to carry their OWN Kirkland Organic Creamy Peanut . . . → Read More: Homemade Peanut Butter

Homemade Vanilla Extract, Day 1


I love the taste of vanilla, the scent of vanilla candles, vanilla is so wonderful. Last December, I stumbled on The Italian Dish blog. I don’t remember how I found it, but am so glad I did. I found a Elaine’s recipe/tutorial on making Homemade Vanilla Extract.

I couldn’t believe just how simple . . . → Read More: Homemade Vanilla Extract, Day 1