Blast from the Way Past


As you have most likely noticed, I have been absent from my blog. SORRY! I feel really bad. I was doing really good in May with posting multiple posts a week. I got sick the first week of June and we had company come into town for over a week and there wasn’t time . . . → Read More: Blast from the Way Past

New Recipe Software

First of all, sorry for not posting much recently… with Christmas and then subsequently getting sick with a nasty awful cough, I’ve not felt like doing much writing. SORRY!!

You’ve see me talk about my MacGourmet Deluxe software especially when I provide recipe nutritional information. Well, I received an update notice and was intrigued . . . → Read More: New Recipe Software

What to cook first

Decisions… decisions… decisions…

As we’re getting closer to the end of our remodel I have been thinking about all the things I want to make in my new kitchen, but can’t decide what should be “first”. I will likely be preparing “dinner”, but then I have so much to unpack, wipe down, and clean… . . . → Read More: What to cook first

Italian Cooking Encyclopedia

Thought of the Day…Food is the most primitive form of comfort. ~ Sheilah Graham (1904-1988)

About a week and a half ago, The Offspring and I went to a neighborhood bistro and had a wonderful lunch. I’m not a gorgonzola fan… in fact I hate blue cheese! They told me that the gorgonzola in . . . → Read More: Italian Cooking Encyclopedia