Thanksgiving Dinner Dry-Run


I have been quiet for a little bit. Sorry! Don’t you just hate it when life interferes with your plans? Well, that’s been my past week. Stuff happens…

I started getting stressed out and worried about keeping up with my blog and I just decided that taking care of me was more important. . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving Dinner Dry-Run

Shucking Corn Leaving No Silk


Have you struggled with shucking corn and having to deal with the silk? I usually use the pressure cooker for my corn, but I might just have to try this. A friend of mine sent me the link to this video. WOW, how easy!

I have never seen anything like this. Have . . . → Read More: Shucking Corn Leaving No Silk

Creative Hiding


Have you ever found a spot on your kitchen wall that you want to hide and you’re not sure what to do? We have such a spot. When we did our remodel we had a new phone jack put in over on the wall over by the new counter space (aka peninsula).

Well, . . . → Read More: Creative Hiding

Salt Cellar


Since remodeling our kitchen in the “Craftsman” or “Mission” style, I look for things that give that vintage feel.

I realized that I forgot to share something with you. In the above photo, if you notice on the counter just left of the range there is a glass object. Hubby bought that for . . . → Read More: Salt Cellar

Blueberry, Apple and Rhubarb Crisp


I often will tweak a recipe to make it my own. This recipe is a result of tweaking.

Last summer we received some rhubarb. I know there are people who don’t like rhubarb, but read on… it’s not overpowering.

I am allergic to strawberries so I couldn’t make the “usual” strawberry/rhubarb dessert. We love . . . → Read More: Blueberry, Apple and Rhubarb Crisp

Need Advice: Food Processor


With all the kitchen gadgets I have I do not have a “real” food processor. I have a Braun Hand/Imersion Blender with an attachment that acts like a food processor. It has fulfilled my needs to date, but some recipes call for pouring/adding ingredients while the food processor is moving. I can’t do . . . → Read More: Need Advice: Food Processor