AMAZING Customer Service – @Beaterblade


If you’re like me, you likely do A LOT of Christmas baking. A few years ago I bought a KitchenAid bowl-lift mixer from Costco. I LOVE IT, save for one little thing… the metal blade doesn’t clean the sides of the bowl that well. I hated having to stop and scrap the sides. OK, . . . → Read More: AMAZING Customer Service – @Beaterblade

For a REAL Person Press Nothing

Thank you

I for one love technology and then again… I HATE it. I absolutely hate the never ending “Press 1 for blah, Press 2 for blah-blah, Press 3 for blah-blah-blah and so on…”

Well, after Dr. Oz’s episode on Arsenic in Apple Juice I have been even more careful in looking at the source for . . . → Read More: For a REAL Person Press Nothing