The End of a Terrible Day

Thank you

First let me apologize for my delay in posting this… it has been a work in progress… no, strike that… I just was so overwhelmed that I didn’t want to finish it… doing so would cause me to relive a terrible day. So please for now, pretend this was a few weeks ago… OK? . . . → Read More: The End of a Terrible Day

Photo Editing with Snapseed App


Last week I saw a post on Twitter about receiving Nik Software’s Snapseed iPhone App for free (normally $4.99). Nik Software is well known for their photo editing software so I jumped on the free deal.

While on a daily walk with my friend Dude I took this photo using Snapseed… Yeah, I love . . . → Read More: Photo Editing with Snapseed App

Beautiful Blue Skies


The Oregon skies are just beautiful today! These pictures are SOOC (straight out of camera; except for the annotations). I used my iPhone 3GS for these, so they’re not the greatest, but I sure love how pretty the sky is today and just had to share.

I took this one just as I was . . . → Read More: Beautiful Blue Skies

They’re back!


Warning… You are going to think I’m insane by the time you finish reading this post…

The other night was sitting on the couch and heard a bug bouncing on the ceiling – you know the sound… like a moth or fly. “UGH!” I instantly thought of Emily’s Tweet about moths being dusty… She . . . → Read More: They’re back!

No time for thyme


In my Advice Needed: 2011 Garden, Part 1; what to plant post I showed you my garden. I forgot to share something…

See the “Thyme”? I’ve had that plant since the summer of 1992! It has been quite hardy… even neglected and survived. I’ve even thinned it a couple of years ago by . . . → Read More: No time for thyme

Popcorn Cake

Cast of Characters (sorry, I forgot to get a photo): 4 qts Popped popcorn (I use air popped) 1.5 C salted peanuts 10 oz peanut butter chips         and/or 16 oz Reeses Pieces         and/or 16 oz M&Ms 1/2 C butter or margarine or Smart Balance (I use Smart Balance) 1/2 C oil (I use light . . . → Read More: Popcorn Cake