Does “absence really make the heart grow fonder”? If so, you must really be fond of me by now. All I can say is… I’m sorry.

As I have mentioned a few times life has been nuts and I just haven’t been able to keep up with my writing. Before I sat down . . . → Read More: Absence

Tears of Sister Sweetness


I’ve been doing a lot of reflection recently; especially in the last three or four months.

One thing I truly dislike about some of my life choices is the fact that after I graduated from college, I chose to move half-continent away from my family. Twice actually. To be honest, I had to . . . → Read More: Tears of Sister Sweetness

Five Years Ago Today


I lost my beloved Grandma B five years ago today (Sunday, February 4, 2007). I can’t believe it’s been five years. I have one of her music boxes on my dresser, so I think of her daily.

My dad brought this back from Japan when he returned from the Vietnam War. She had . . . → Read More: Five Years Ago Today

45 Years Ago Today


45 years ago I was blessed with a baby brother. Mama says that I couldn’t wait for him to come home from the hospital. It’s strange… I remember kissing his tiny forehead. Weird!

Needless-to-say, he’s no longer a baby, but I still love him! (There ya go, B… it’s out there for the . . . → Read More: 45 Years Ago Today

Feeling really stupid


Let me start off by saying that I LOVE my brother B. He’s awesome.

He’s also really really really smart… so smart he has a BS in Math, MS in Statistics and PhD is Statistics … ICK! He’s presented papers around the world … about statistics… ICK! ICK! (oh yeah, his wife … . . . → Read More: Feeling really stupid

Home Sick


We had a visitor yesterday. Ma and Pa (our neighbors) were having a going away party and they needed someone to watch Rosie. So of course we said, “Yes.”

Well, as you can see… Rosie was a bit “home sick”… or at least wasn’t too keen on missing the party…

After a . . . → Read More: Home Sick