More Spring Happiness


First of all, YES I AM posting two blog posts on back-to-back days. And NO Hell didn’t freeze over last night…

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m starting to come out of my funk… it’s amazing what sunshine does for my spirits.

I had another surprise yesterday, but couldn’t get a picture until after . . . → Read More: More Spring Happiness

Spring is near


I sure wish Spring would get here already – well, except for the dang Oregon rain!!

While I was in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago, I saw this little crocus smiling at me and couldn’t resist taking a “quick shot”. It is at my Mom’s and it was there just for me . . . → Read More: Spring is near

Garden 2011 Update; 2 Weeks Growth


Check out my garden, well… at least my radishes…

Here they were at 3 days…

Here they are after 2 weeks, before and after thinning… Now I see some I missed… oh well…

As an experiment, I took some of the ones I thinning out and put them in the two empty . . . → Read More: Garden 2011 Update; 2 Weeks Growth

No time for thyme


In my Advice Needed: 2011 Garden, Part 1; what to plant post I showed you my garden. I forgot to share something…

See the “Thyme”? I’ve had that plant since the summer of 1992! It has been quite hardy… even neglected and survived. I’ve even thinned it a couple of years ago by . . . → Read More: No time for thyme

Garden 2011, Part 2; 3-day growth


WOW! Just three days after I planted my garden I was outside watering and got a big (OK, little) surprise. Check out the what I saw when I got when I looked down… I can’t believe this is only THREE days growth! Tiny little leaves had already broken through!!

Here are my two . . . → Read More: Garden 2011, Part 2; 3-day growth

Advice Needed: 2011 Garden, Part 1; what to plant


As I mentioned in my Haven’t fallen off planet post, I have been working on a Garden post. Well, actually I have been spending the last four days recuperating. I spent the last three weekends working on my garden. Since my fall back in January, my back/lumbar/tailbone has been problematic and made it difficult . . . → Read More: Advice Needed: 2011 Garden, Part 1; what to plant