Rewarding myself


Last week I told you about my new job. In addition to having to buy new clothes since we can’t wear jeans to work except on Fridays, I decided that after being unemployed for eight months, I decided a reward was well deserved. Nope, I didn’t take myself out for dinner and drinks…

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New Kitchen Gadget


I have often discussed my addictions (Le Creuset, cookbooks, movies…). Well, have I mentioned I’m addicted to kitchen gadgets as well? Mama is too and I think Ma is too. Well, a few weeks ago I was in Kansas City and Mama, The Offspring, and my step dad hit TJ Maxx… Since I was . . . → Read More: New Kitchen Gadget

Salt Cellar


Since remodeling our kitchen in the “Craftsman” or “Mission” style, I look for things that give that vintage feel.

I realized that I forgot to share something with you. In the above photo, if you notice on the counter just left of the range there is a glass object. Hubby bought that for . . . → Read More: Salt Cellar

Need Advice: Food Processor


With all the kitchen gadgets I have I do not have a “real” food processor. I have a Braun Hand/Imersion Blender with an attachment that acts like a food processor. It has fulfilled my needs to date, but some recipes call for pouring/adding ingredients while the food processor is moving. I can’t do . . . → Read More: Need Advice: Food Processor