Bucket List Update: Create iPhone App


Remember a few weeks ago I gave you an updated on my Teach Myself Bucket List? I told you I’d created My First Ever iPhone App.

7)        Lean to write/create an iPhone app

I’ve been reading and doing an online class; taking lots of notes. Because of my extensive notes, it’s taking me . . . → Read More: Bucket List Update: Create iPhone App

How-To: Change iPhoto Event Key Photo


After I wrote my How-To: Merge iPhoto Events post I was asked, “Is there a way to change the photo shown on iPhoto Events?” The answer is “YES.” It’s actually quite easy. Let me share…

Open iPhoto and select Events from the left margin.

When you look at your events, you see a . . . → Read More: How-To: Change iPhoto Event Key Photo

Friday Cocktail – Homemade Amaretto


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned last week I LOVE Disaronno Amaretto. Downside… it can be expensive, but I’ve always thought it was worth it. Well, about a month ago, Paula from Paula has some AMAZING recipes, one which I was compelled to make is her Homemade Amaretto. I would love . . . → Read More: Friday Cocktail – Homemade Amaretto

How-To: Merge iPhoto Events


I sometimes write tutorials or How-To documents for people. I was recently asked, “How do I merge iPhoto events?” and I thought I would share with my readers.

Dixie Allan over at creates clipart that her Terms of Use allows for personal not for profit use. I use them for personal cards and . . . → Read More: How-To: Merge iPhoto Events

Delivering Blog Posts Via Email


We all have our favorite blogs we like to read. The question is how do you like to read them? Some people like to receive them via email or use Google Reader or iPhone/iPad/Android apps like Flipboard or Reeder or reading from their internet browser or they use some other app.

For me, . . . → Read More: Delivering Blog Posts Via Email

My First Ever iPhone App


OK, I’m a geek… If you recall from my Teach Myself Bucket List post (yeah it was A LONG time ago), I listed

  7) Learn to write/create an iPhone app

Well, I am starting to learn how to do it today (finally – better late than never)! I’m taking an online course and then . . . → Read More: My First Ever iPhone App