Mystery Photo

The Offspring was home this past weekend from college – wait, I think I have not shared that she’s left for college about five weeks ago. Yep, my baby is at college… I also just realized I didn’t share that she was on TV a few weeks ago… Ooops! Silly me…

Anyway, back to . . . → Read More: Mystery Photo


Just fixed my broken 22 year old Krups 964 Espresso Maker! The “O ring” was out of its track. I just unscrewed the metal filter on the underneath side and removed the metal filter. Then removed the “O ring”. Cleaned it all out and Viola! It’s working again!

Enjoying a toasted marshmallow and . . . → Read More: Bliss

Blast from the Way Past

As you have most likely noticed, I have been absent from my blog. SORRY! I feel really bad. I was doing really good in May with posting multiple posts a week. I got sick the first week of June and we had company come into town for over a week and there wasn’t time . . . → Read More: Blast from the Way Past

Le Creuset Stone Bakeware

I’ve often talked about my Le Creuset addiction. It all started with cast iron. I have since moved on to their stoneware. OMGOSH!!! It’s AMAZING!!!!

I have used Pampered Chef’s stoneware for some time, but Le Creuset’s [Stone] Bakeware is even better! Cleanup is easier. Even with baked on cheese! I can’t believe . . . → Read More: Le Creuset Stone Bakeware

Tuesday Trivia – Pre-1970s Cooking Tip

Note: I wrote this for Tuesday, but forgot to post it… so it’s “Tuesday Trivia on Thursday”. 😉

This posted is not for Vegetarians.

I have a Trivia calendar and I’m a month behind in reading it. I spent a bit of time over the weekend and found this and just had to . . . → Read More: Tuesday Trivia – Pre-1970s Cooking Tip

New Kitchen Gadget

I have often discussed my addictions (Le Creuset, cookbooks, movies…). Well, have I mentioned I’m addicted to kitchen gadgets as well? Mama is too and I think Ma is too. Well, a few weeks ago I was in Kansas City and Mama, The Offspring, and my step dad hit TJ Maxx… Since I was . . . → Read More: New Kitchen Gadget