Friday Funny – Study Incentive

Since The Offspring and her friends are currently studying for finals, I thought I would share this. A friend posted this to Facebook and I just had to share.

Do you have any special study incentives? . . . → Read More: Friday Funny – Study Incentive

Wordless Wednesday – Thanksgiving in the Sticks

Saw this in the small town we went to for Thanksgiving. Yes, it was “in the sticks”. 😉

Wordless Wednesday – GPS Holder


Friday Funny – Getting Fixed


Why do we call it “getting fixed”?

Wordless Wednesday – The Great Escape


Friday Funny – Where Do Astronauts Hang Out?

I have no idea where I found this, but the “computer geek” in me LOVES this!

LOL! Get it? (if not, hover your mouse/pointer over picture and you’ll see the answer.) . . . → Read More: Friday Funny – Where Do Astronauts Hang Out?