Advice Needed: Blog Front Page Layout


I know some people who come to my blog’s front page don’t go any further. Why??? Are you bored??? Is that why I don’t receive a lot of comments?

I’ve read on different sites about effective blogging and they say to have “excerpts” instead of “full posts”. But recently one of the blogs I . . . → Read More: Advice Needed: Blog Front Page Layout

Advice Needed: Where to start (again)


As my long-time readers know, we had an unexpected remodel last winter. The kitchen was unpacked first – we had to be able to prepare meals and eat… and Christmas was in there, too. The kitchen is 90% unpacked, but then Phase 2 and Phase 3 came along very quickly and then life picked . . . → Read More: Advice Needed: Where to start (again)

Need Advice: Food Processor


With all the kitchen gadgets I have I do not have a “real” food processor. I have a Braun Hand/Imersion Blender with an attachment that acts like a food processor. It has fulfilled my needs to date, but some recipes call for pouring/adding ingredients while the food processor is moving. I can’t do . . . → Read More: Need Advice: Food Processor

Need advice: Bamboo or plastic??

Well, it’s just about time for me to start unpacking… I found the following locally at the Container Store and Storables.

I bought the bamboo, but am now having second thoughts. Bamboo or plastic?

They are both adjustable.

Bamboo closely matches the inside of the kitchen drawers.

Bamboo is a . . . → Read More: Need advice: Bamboo or plastic??