Haunted Tree – Part 2

Welcome back!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I need your advice picking out the best photo effect. I used Pioneer Woman’s Photoshop Actions to get these effects.

I will often use the Quick Edge Burn on photos. It gives it a more dramatic look and feel. So I thought I’d try . . . → Read More: Haunted Tree – Part 2

Haunted Tree – Part 1

Have you ever stopped and looked at a tree against the blue sky? I’m not sure what it is, but sometimes the shapes intrigue me… Until a few weeks ago I don’t remember ever seeing one that looked haunted.

“Did you just say haunted?” you ask. Yep… you know haunted… “having or showing signs . . . → Read More: Haunted Tree – Part 1

Pacific Northwest Weather

You just have to love the Pacific Northwest weather… Remember my last post… just an HOUR ago…

The sun was shining… we had beautiful blue skies… ​

and now… an hour later… back to the reality of Spring in the Pacific Northwest…​ . . . → Read More: Pacific Northwest Weather

Readers from around the world

Greetings, All. Happy Tuesday! The sun is shining here in the Pacific Northwest and the blue sky is nice to see. Here’s the view outside my office window (yes, Boss-man, it’s lunch time so I’m taking a break from “slaving away at the computer”). Doesn’t that blue sky look GREAT?!

Yesterday I made . . . → Read More: Readers from around the world