Teach Myself Bucket List

There are soooo many things I want to do and not enough time (hmmm… sounds familiar. Oh, right! That’s why I named my blog what I did! 😉 ). I have decided to create multiple Bucket Lists – maybe not in the traditional or strictest sense…

Mine is going to be a Living . . . → Read More: Teach Myself Bucket List

I Heart Photography

One of my greatest passions is photography. Back in 2006 Hubby bought me a Canon 20D for my birthday. I also received an amazing telephoto lens. I predominately took photos of The Offspring’s softball games. I had so many parents ask me if I would take photos for them because I was able to . . . → Read More: I Heart Photography

Action Shot – Hitting

I have a small photography business and take a variety of types of photos. Most of my clients are Senior portraits, but have during summer softball I have been known to take well over 1,000 softball photos. I try to take photos that don’t need editing, but when I do need editing I use . . . → Read More: Action Shot – Hitting

First Roses

Thought of the Day … Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into. -Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts, 1858

As you may recall, I’ve complained about the Pacific Northwest weather. There is one thing that makes all that rain worth while…

Our first roses… I didn’t get . . . → Read More: First Roses

Haunted Tree – Part 2

Welcome back!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I need your advice picking out the best photo effect. I used Pioneer Woman’s Photoshop Actions to get these effects.

I will often use the Quick Edge Burn on photos. It gives it a more dramatic look and feel. So I thought I’d try . . . → Read More: Haunted Tree – Part 2