Time to Vent – Stop the Flipping Insanity!

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I’m behind in my blog posts for today, but it’s good that I am… I need to seriously vent for a while… feel free to join in.

Sometimes I wake up and literally wishing I was still asleep. When I look at my phone and see that . . . → Read More: Time to Vent – Stop the Flipping Insanity!

Praying for Joplin, MO

For my international readers, I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the tornado and storm devastation in the Joplin, MO area. This storm was the deadliest tornado in U.S. history. I have family and friends in this area and my heartstrings are being pulled..

My blog friend Nicole lives in the area and here . . . → Read More: Praying for Joplin, MO

Praying for Peace

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With all the headlines reading Osama bin Laden is dead, I pray that we are one step closer to Global Peace… please join me.

Miracle and Prayer Request

I received the following via email from someone very close to me. I have permission to post this. Please pray for them to have peace. I am more than thankful that he is OK. Things can be replaced, he cannot.

I was sitting in quite rural living room having just finished Christmas decorations. . . . → Read More: Miracle and Prayer Request