Friday Funny – Why Did the Fish Cross the Road?



This was actually on this news! I can’t remember if this was in Oregon or Washington, either way it is pretty funny!

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Wordfull Wednesday – Is That the Sun?


Last two or three days…

A little bit ago from the same window… it’s hard to tell but that’s sunshine coming in the window…

Here.. let me show you from my office window… couldn’t really see the window for a little bit!

Current radar:


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Two Days of It’s Raining It’s Pouring


OK, I’ve complained about the Oregon rain multiple times, but holy cow the last two days have been AWFUL! It’s POURED for two days.


This is the view our my front window…

Now we’re having flood warnings and watches – except Eugene… YIPPEEEE! The Offspring will be happy!

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Dear Mother Nature


Dear Mother Nature,

I realize that much of our nation has had terrible temperatures for much much MUCH longer than us, so please forgive me for writing, but… this is Oregon and nearly 100s isn’t something we have very often and we wilt something fierce!

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November Roses

Yep, you read that right… November roses…

Portland, Oregon is known as The Rose City. I don’t live in Portland, but do live in Oregon. We usually have rain nine months out of the year. I HATE our near-constant overcast rainy season (October-June). I am not a vampire and like the blue sunny . . . → Read More: November Roses