It Was True!


A co-worker went for a walk at lunch time and came back telling us he saw blue skies. I didn’t believe him. I mean this is Oregon and it is November…

Oregon + November = Grey skies and Rain

Well, it was true…

… Sort of…

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Dear Mother Nature


Dear Mother Nature,

I realize that much of our nation has had terrible temperatures for much much MUCH longer than us, so please forgive me for writing, but… this is Oregon and nearly 100s isn’t something we have very often and we wilt something fierce!

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Beautiful Blue Skies


The Oregon skies are just beautiful today! These pictures are SOOC (straight out of camera; except for the annotations). I used my iPhone 3GS for these, so they’re not the greatest, but I sure love how pretty the sky is today and just had to share.

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The View From Where I Sit


As I sit here waiting for The Offspring to get out of a meeting and I look out the window I am amazed how beautiful the last two days have been.

Check out this sky!!!

Where’d the sun go??


I am so sick of the Oregon weather!!!

Not five minutes after I posted the beautiful blue sky photo it started raining and then pebble size hail!!!! Argh!!!

Now look at it… It’s 44 and raining and we’re sitting in it enjoying The Offspring’s softball game!! Ugh!!

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What is that in the sky?


Oh my gosh… what is that I see as I look at the window???

Is that a bright orb in the blue sky? I’m not sure what the orb is called, but it is nice to see.

Unfortunately, I think it is going to hide in a hour as Mr. Weatherman says . . . → Read More: What is that in the sky?