Round 1 down


Well, as you recall from my Heading into the Playoffs post The Offspring’s team is playing in the State Softball Championships. Round 1 was yesterday.

Well… can you tell how the game went from this photo? SillyOne is sooooo silly!!

Yep, you guessed it… they WON!

Round 2 is Wednesday… we have . . . → Read More: Round 1 down

Heading into the playoffs


The Offspring’s regular season has come to an end. Her team finished first in our league!!! It is the first time since 1999 her school has finished in first place in the league. The girls have worked hard over the last two years to work their way from the bottom of the league to . . . → Read More: Heading into the playoffs

Play Ball


After a week of rain, we finally got to watch some good softball yesterday afternoon! As you can see from this photo, the sun was out but it was still raining (it actually hailed, too!) It was soooo cold.

Our girls were hitting quite well… The Offspring ended the game in the bottom . . . → Read More: Play Ball

Nervous Wreck, Part 4

Thought of the Day…Nerves and butterflies are fine – they’re a physical sign that you’re mentally ready and eager. You have to get the butterflies to fly in formation, that’s the trick. ~Steve Bull

…Continued from Nervous Wreck, Part 3…

As I mentioned in Part 3, it was SO intense! As I sit here . . . → Read More: Nervous Wreck, Part 4

Nervous Wreck, Part 3

Thought of the Day…Karma baby, Karma. -Author Unknown

…Continued from Nervous Wreck, Part 2…

The first game was a nail-biter! If we won, we continued on in the winner’s bracket. If we lost, it would be our first loss so we’d head to the second and third chance bracket. …

When The Offspring got . . . → Read More: Nervous Wreck, Part 3

Nervous Wreck, Part 2

Thought of the Day…Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday. ~Author Unknown

As you may recall from my Nervous Wreck post, I was a bit stressed on Sunday. It was the State playoffs for The Offspring’s travel softball team. Needless-to-say, things went better than expected.

The girls have struggled in several games . . . → Read More: Nervous Wreck, Part 2