More Spring Happiness


First of all, YES I AM posting two blog posts on back-to-back days. And NO Hell didn’t freeze over last night…

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m starting to come out of my funk… it’s amazing what sunshine does for my spirits.

I had another surprise yesterday, but couldn’t get a picture until after . . . → Read More: More Spring Happiness

The Next Day


So, remember yesterday’s post – Spring Snow Day?

I just came back from lunch and had to share… this is today… THIS is a Spring day.

Crazy Oregon weather!

Has your weather changed that drasicaly in 24 hours?

Spring Snow Day


This is what I saw this fine Spring Morning when I looked out my kitchen window…

What a fine Spring day it is.

Spring is near


I sure wish Spring would get here already – well, except for the dang Oregon rain!!

While I was in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago, I saw this little crocus smiling at me and couldn’t resist taking a “quick shot”. It is at my Mom’s and it was there just for me . . . → Read More: Spring is near