WOW! I realize that in many parts of the country it gets cold, but here in Portland we don’t get a ton of below freezing temps. It’s flipping cold here this morning! Ice even closed The Fremont Bridge… a major traffic-way. Needless-to-say, traffic is a MESS!

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Friday Funny – Weather


Backstory…Mama emailed me a link to this and I immediately hit their “Share” link and pinned this on my humor Pinterest pin board. I just had to share with you as this week’s Friday Funny – especially since I’ve complained repeatedly about our Portland area weather!

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Wordful Wednesday – Massive Portland Area Snowfall NOT


OK, I realize I moan and groan about the Portland rain… but I LOVE snow! It’s soooo pretty. But this is not funny… STOP teasing us, Mother Nature!

I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind!

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Wordfull Wednesday – Is That the Sun?


Last two or three days…

A little bit ago from the same window… it’s hard to tell but that’s sunshine coming in the window…

Here.. let me show you from my office window… couldn’t really see the window for a little bit!

Current radar:


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Two Days of It’s Raining It’s Pouring


OK, I’ve complained about the Oregon rain multiple times, but holy cow the last two days have been AWFUL! It’s POURED for two days.


This is the view our my front window…

Now we’re having flood warnings and watches – except Eugene… YIPPEEEE! The Offspring will be happy!

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It Was True!


A co-worker went for a walk at lunch time and came back telling us he saw blue skies. I didn’t believe him. I mean this is Oregon and it is November…

Oregon + November = Grey skies and Rain

Well, it was true…

… Sort of…

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