It’s cold in here


I have been reluctant to turn the heat on. I’ve been bundling up under blankets and comforters in the evenings and not really thinking about the temp in the house… except when I’m getting ready for work.

I grabbed a heavy comforter when I went to work yesterday – just in case I decided . . . → Read More: It’s cold in here

They were right


For as many times as the weather people are wrong, it is with great sorrow that this time they were right…

Oregon’s longest stretch of dry weather has ended…

Needless-to-say, I’m REALLY sad!

More Spring Happiness


First of all, YES I AM posting two blog posts on back-to-back days. And NO Hell didn’t freeze over last night…

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m starting to come out of my funk… it’s amazing what sunshine does for my spirits.

I had another surprise yesterday, but couldn’t get a picture until after . . . → Read More: More Spring Happiness

The Next Day


So, remember yesterday’s post – Spring Snow Day?

I just came back from lunch and had to share… this is today… THIS is a Spring day.

Crazy Oregon weather!

Has your weather changed that drasicaly in 24 hours?

Spring Snow Day


This is what I saw this fine Spring Morning when I looked out my kitchen window…

What a fine Spring day it is.

Dear Mother Nature


Dear Mother Nature,

I realize that much of our nation has had terrible temperatures for much much MUCH longer than us, so please forgive me for writing, but… this is Oregon and nearly 100s isn’t something we have very often and we wilt something fierce!

I also know that I bitch and moan during . . . → Read More: Dear Mother Nature