First Garden

May 16, 2010: This post is a “back-dated” post. I originally wrote this in an email to family because I hadn’t started blogging. Some of the things mentioned most likely will come up in my blog posts, so I thought I would post them.

I bought tomatoes in 4 inch pots on Tue, May 26 from Bi-Mart. I watered the pots each morning. I finally got them and two cucumber pots planted in the larger patio pots on Friday night, June 5 (at 9-10pm – in the dark because it hat been really hot that day). The tomato plants had blooms on them when I planted them.


I went out this morning and have a tomato already!!!!


Two weeks and three days from planting – could have had it yesterday, but didn’t check them. I only found it today because I was tying the tall stems to the green poles.

WOW!! This is exciting.