Stop and enjoy the flowers

Thought of the Day… When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy. -Chinese Proverb


Each work-day morning I have a cup of Good Earth Decaf White and Green tea (no this isn’t a paid advertisement… I really like this tea). Each tea bag has a quote… I use these as my “Thought of the Day” on Facebook, so I thought I would start sharing them here as well…

I hope you enjoy them. Sometimes they’re strange, others a good reminder of how we should look at life… Like today’s… “When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy.

Think about it… it’s a known fact that stress makes us sick and in some cases kills brain cells… so we must perform stress management to keep ourselves healthy…

Like the above Chinese Proverb says if our hearts are at ease (or we’re less stressed)… the better our bodies and minds feel.

So, to help you relax and be less stressed… please sit back and enjoy the flowers I got for Mother’s Day… (thanks again, Ma!!!)

Take care of yourselves!