Nervous Wreck, Part 2

Thought of the Day…Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday. ~Author Unknown

As you may recall from my Nervous Wreck post, I was a bit stressed on Sunday. It was the State playoffs for The Offspring’s travel softball team. Needless-to-say, things went better than expected. 🙂

The girls have struggled in several games this summer and State is, as you can expect, an extremely important tournament. The winner qualifies for Nationals. As much as I would love to tell you that our girls won, we didn’t, but you know that is OK.

OK? you ask. Yep, OK. The girls had three extremely important victories last weekend…

It was a double elimination tournament… meaning that as soon as you loose two games you’re out of the tournament. Well, Friday the girls won both their games… meaning they didn’t get eliminated on their first day. As a mom, I find this the first important victory.

The next stop… Saturday… If they won their first game they were given the rest of the day off…. if they lost they had several games on Saturday … all while knowing the next loss was their ticket home…

…They won their Saturday game! (You probably figured that out…. especially since in hind sight you realize I wrote about being a nervous wreck.)

…Sunday… ohhhhhh… the stress….

…The girls made it to the quarterfinals… (oooops… forgot I told you that on Sunday)… If they won… WOW… if they lost… we played The Offspring’s team from last year (actually, the team she’d been on for six years…

…To be continued