SNAFU, Part 2

Thought of the Day… All I can do is say ‘ARGH!’ ~Me


If you recall from my SNAFU post, we found some damage behind our old microwave. As a result, we didn’t get our new microwave or range. 🙁

I realize this is about my “kitchen”, but it is my “life” right… so I’m filing it under “Life”, too.

I didn’t share the details of damage because we didn’t know the extent of it. Sorry!! … Actually, we still don’t know the full extent. What I can tell you is that the person who installed the original microwave hood 17 years ago (the one that was in the house when we bought it 14.5 years ago) was an idiot!

He (or she) hit the sewer pipe coming down from the upstairs when drilling to install the original microwave. Did not drill all the way through the side… just ever so tiny… He (or she) may have tried to “patch” it, but didn’t!! Idiot! Why would a normal thinking person leave that? A normal thinking person would have REPLACED THE SECTION OF PIPE!!!! NO, instead he (or she) left it! Well… after 17 YEARS… guess what we found?!?!?!?!?!

Yep, MOLD!! We NEVER smelled anything from the sewage line… NEVER had a leak… NOTHING … NADA… ZLICH!!

Like I said I-D-I-O-T !!!! 😡 😥 😡 😥 😡 😥

Guess what!?!?! They built a single cabinet unit… not individual boxes…. we cannot replace just one section… All the drywall and all the cabinets on that wall have to come down! Since it’s been 17 years… no cabinets can be found to match! Yeppers… you guessed it… we have to replace our ENTIRE kitchen cabinet system!!

OK… this is more than a “SNAFU”… at least that’s what people at work are saying… I agree…

Oh yeah… here’s the before…

…what we found behind the old microwave… 😯

Anyway… on with the saga…

…It’s only been a week and it feels like a MONTH! 🙁

In the last seven days, we’ve talked with contractors, lawyers, insurance agents and adjusters, kitchen designers and an interior decorator!!! OMGosh! I feel like I’m going insane!!!

Insurance did NOTHING for us… it wasn’t a sudden loss… even though we didn’t know about it until NOW. ARGH!!!

We have received one estimate and are waiting for four more. I do know this… We’ve gone from a few thousand dollars for new appliances (installed) to tens of thousands of dollars!

To top it off, I still have use of my kitchen right now, but can’t use range or oven where we would need to use an exhaust fan (don’t have one… it was in the microwave the original installers took with them). When the renovations start… no use of our kitchen… UGH! 🙁 We have an old freestanding microwave, so we can “cook” food.


Any suggestions on how to wash dishes for the 3-4 weeks we’re not going to have a sink? Don’t have pets to lick plates. 😉