New Kitchen, Part 6: Kitchen Sink

Thought of the Day…We’re getting close!

As you may recall from my Cast Iron or Fireclay post, we were trying to decide between Corian, granite composite, cast iron or fireclay for our sink. Well, we decided on enameled cast iron.

I love Kohler sinks. Way back when (1991), I fell in love with their Executive Chef sink, so when we had our old house built we bought the sink. It was great. I loved the large 9.75” deep side and the 7.75 garbage disposal side. It was great for washing/filling large items and then the smaller side was perfect for rinsing and garbage disposal. We used it as The Offspring’s first bathtub; as well as our tiny 5 pound dog Lady’s. Lady seemed like she was lost in the sink because she was so tiny.


I was so sad when we moved in 1996 because I missed my sink, but Ma and Pa had cows in the pasture behind us so instead of my awesome sink I had the country in the city. It made up for it. 😀

I wash all my pots and pans by hand and have always hated that I can’t get them flat in the bowl. Never fear… Kohler Smart Divide sink to the rescue. The Smart Divide sink has the divider not as tall as the sink, so pot/pan handles can pass over the top. Even before my friend Tammi suggested it last week, I knew I wanted one after seeing one at Home Depot

Having had the Executive Chef sink before I knew I wanted a sink with one large side and a small size, too. I checked Kohler’s web site for Smart Divide and found quite a few. Hubby wasn’t too fond of “curved” sinks and I have to admit with our Shaker cabinets the curved ones didn’t match.

We decided on Kohler’s Iron/Tones Smart Divide sink. It has a 4.5” high divider. Both sides are about 9.5” deep. Our contractor was able to get it for us at their price through Home Depot and we saved over $225.00 off suggested retail!! Thank you, Brent!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Did you notice there aren’t any holes in the sink and that the faucet is mounted in the countertop not the sink? The nice think about it is that you can have the large side on either side! 😀

As of today, I am planning on having it on the right because our dishwasher and dish rack are both on the left of the sink. That way I can wash on right, rinse on the left and then put dish on dish rack.

[UPDATE:] Remember from my New Kitchen, Part 3 post, this is our kitchen faucet…

To get around my hesitation about the enameled finish getting marred up from my pots and pans, I’m also buying bottom racks for both sides. Again, we were able to save money on these through my contractor. Thanks again, Brent!!! 😉

Here are some pictures of the sink with a countertop (this isn’t our kitchen). See how our countertop will fit over it.

Here, you can see the Smart Divide in use and racks in the bottom of each side

OK… Now I really can’t wait for my kitchen to be done!!! They start demo on the mold-wall (remember the SNAFU that started this whole adventure??) next Monday (Nov 1)!!!

Still left to do during my lunch breaks and after work hours…

  1. Finish packing the kitchen
  2. Remove the wallpaper and border
  3. Buy the crown moulding
  4. But kitchen sink drains
  5. Buy cabinet hardware

Oh… there is too much to do and so little time! Maybe I should start a blog with the same name… Oh right… I already did that! 😉

Do you think the large bowl should be on left or right?