New Kitchen, Part 14: Last of the Cabinets are Gone

Well… the powder room toilet and sink have been gone for a week and a half and the kitchen sink and dishwasher have been gone a week…

Yep, that’s right… we’ve been without a water source on the main floor for a week now… UGH!!! I miss it so much. I’m tired of throw-away plates and cutlery… 🙁

Brad and Oscar took my dishwasher and sink away last Wednesday (I know, I’m behind in posting updates – SORRY! Life has been unbelievably busy and oh sooooo stressful! 🙁 )

Got your face, Brad! LOL! 😀 OK, well, part of it at least. I told you that you can’t hide. Brent, you either… I have ones of you that will make their way to the internet… 😉

WOW… the cabinet space looks so strange… Oscar is finishing up by putting in new wood in the corner by using the cabinet as a table (the idiot builder didn’t finish all the floor) …

I was wrong… THIS looks even stranger…

I took this photo from the family room. You can see where new floor is feathered into the old floor. If you look close enough you can see my old kitchen layout by the parts of the floor that weren’t finished.

The room looks so big… but with more than one person in there, we were stepping on each other’s toes.

I have a bunch more photos to go through, but tomorrow the floor is getting sanded and Friday the new stain as well as the first polyethelene coat. I will post pictures as soon as I can!!

Still another 2-3 weeks without water on the main floor… will I survive? 😕