New Kitchen, Part 15: Cannot Hide from Me

Way back when in New Kitchen, Part 2: Contractors, you met Brent.

Well, fast forward a month or so and Brent now hides when he sees my camera pointing in his direction. (Looks like Brad is trying to get out of the picture, too. ;)) I told them both that turning away will not stop me from taking their picture… just as Hubby… I take pictures of his back, hand, or other thing to block my view…

See, I was faster here… πŸ˜†

Oh bother! He was faster than me, but saw me coming!

He even went so far to try to pull his shirt over his head! LOL! Just kidding, we were talking about his tattoo. OUCH!

Remember, Rick, one of our painters from New Kitchen, Part 13: Painting?

He does tattoos, too! Ouch!

Now, what do we have here? I caught Brent working! πŸ˜€ (Just kidding Brent, I know you’re the β€œnumbers man”… good to see you can say you helped with our remodel! πŸ˜‰ )

Ahh… there you go… GOTCHA! πŸ˜†

When are they going to learn? They can’t hide from me!