New Kitchen, Part 17: Cabinets Arrive and Uppers Go Up

Almost two months after the SNAFU where we found mold in our kitchen, our new cabinets arrived. Now keep in mind it didnโ€™t take two months to get them, remember, it only took three weeks for them to arrive after we ordered them.

When the truck arrived, I was like a kid on Christmas Day. Kevin and Aaron quickly brought the boxes into the garage because rain was on the way.

Kevin and Aaron measured multiple times to make sure everything was perfect.

The first cabinet is up! ๐Ÿ˜€

Kevin and Brad work their way around the room…

The cabinets above the sink have glass doors and had a few minor defects so weโ€™re waiting for the cabinet company rep to come see them.

Here are the cabinets that will be over the new peninsula. These will have glass shelves and doors…

Eventually there will be crown moulding around the entire room… In the meantime, here is what the floor looks like from the other angle…

Iโ€™m anxious to get the lower cabinets in now… I hope they fit right! ๐Ÿ˜€