Remodel, Part 20: Eureka

NOTE: OK, so this and upcoming posts aren’t about the kitchen so I decided to change the titles from “New Kitchen” to “Remodel”, but am still continuing the “Part” or chapter numbers continuing. I am posting all of these under both Kitchen Remodel and Home Remodel.

Do you remember Matt from my New Kitchen, Part 12: Fixing the Idiot’s Mistakes? He is the plumber working on our house and the one who fixed. Well, came by yesterday and fixed yet another thing the Idiot who had our house built did… He had to rework a the pipe and valve which supplied the water to the backyard faucet.

Matt, are you crying? … praying? … or waiting for the water to drain?

Knock, knock! (Thanks, Tommy, for knocking on the window)… now we see Matt’s face. 😀 Matt, be careful that your pencil doesn’t poke you in the eye!

What’cha doin’, Tommy? Working on the water supply? I thought so…

I was busy working so I couldn’t get a lot of pictures of them working… but it was fun listening to them! :LOL:

Hey, Matt, can I get your picture?

Hmm…. maybe… (Hey, Matt, that pencil is getting really close to your eye!)

Nope… Well, at least we can see you still have pencil and can see Tommy’s face. 😀 Sorta of…

Let me tell you something I learned about Matt… to say he likes popsicles is an understatement… He LOVES them… I heard he liked them so I offered him one. He stopped working and said something like “Never met a popsicle I didn’t like.”

Like I said, Matt loves popsicles… so much that guess what his son’s middle name is…

YES, his son’s middle name is Popsicle! I’m serious! I thought he was kidding, but Brad and Brent told me that he was SERIOUS! Oh… his son is only one… and he loves popsicles, too! I bet there will be a day that he is not happy with his dad!

Sorry, back to the remodel…

Remember the Powder Room vanity I first showed you in my New Kitchen, Part 5: Powder Room Vanity and Toilet post? Well, Matt and Tommy worked long and hard and Eureka! We have water on main floor of our house again!!!! 😀

So here is the Powder Room’s current state… (ignore the dust on the wall… it’s not “finished” yet)… but something’s missing…

…ahhhh… there… that’s better!

See it?

I have my first Christmas decoration up now!! :LOL: (please ignore that this is out of focus)

OK… now, just gotta get our real Christmas tree up… ohhhhh… there’s still no room… soon… very soon… (it’s still going to be over a week. :cry:)
P.S. Matt will be back on Friday to install our kitchen sink. YIPPEEE!