Equations aren’t just for math

As you probably have deduced, I’ve had a lot going on in… the remodel is winding down. YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE! Yippee for multiple reasons…

1) I really need my kitchen back. We’re soooo sick of eating out! You know, once a week is OK, but Geez-Louise two-three times a day is getting really really old. And it’s going to be very difficult to do my Christmas baking without a kitchen.

2) Eating on disposable plates is annoying.

3) Going to the garage to get something from the fridge is, well, inconvenient when one is trying to get ready for work and you only need a bit milk.

4) The mess and chaos has worn out it’s welcome.

5) Not sleeping because my brain can’t stop thinking is … tiresome. 😉

6) Being hungry and no place to prep a meal is frustrating.

7) The never-ending exhaustion has grown VERY old.

I’m a Tediouslife.com fan. Sara has had some great posts that I just crack up over… Sara has She had a guest post today by Kelly Wilson. Kelly wrote a great post today called Five Ways to Stay Sane Over the Holidays. The first way listed hit home, especially today.

Tired + Hungry = Cranky
If someone develops an attitude, it’s generally because he or she needs food or sleep (or both).

BOY… isn’t that the truth! Today has been especially difficult.

Sara Kelly added a new equation for the holidays…

Eating Well + Regular Exercise + Adequate Sleep = Sane People

So… I need to eat better, get some exercise, sleep and I’ll be sane? I want to add something to this equation…

Eating Well + Regular Exercise + Adequate Sleep + DO NOT REMODEL IN NOVEMBER/DECEMBER = Sanity

So I want to officially say….

I AM SORRY, HUBBY, for being sooooo terriblyterribly-terribly cranky this morning! I know this photo is of us last Christmas, but remember me when I was sane, OK?! People keep telling me that the remodel almost over! Your sane wife is not far away… I promise!

I love you, Hubby!!!! (you, too, Offspring!)