Christmas Day Surprises

I had a GREAT Christmas. My in-laws came for Christmas Day.

My mother and father-in-law didn’t know we were remodeling! Yep, we’d managed to keep it a secret (Thanks, Mindy, for helping us keep our secret, too!). My sister-in-law new about it, she reads my blog (Hi, Mindy!) so we let her in on it from the beginning — Sorry, Mum and Dad for not letting you on on it! 😳

When they arrived, they knew something was up… Remember the Honey Bucket? Well, it is still in the driveway. To make it more festive, I put Christmas Lights around it. 😆

They saw the porta-potty sitting there and got really nervous that our bathroom was out of commission. Sorry for the fright! Dad also noticed our front yard had been driven on and had some traffic on it, too.

When they came in the house, they noticed our new floor right away… (ignore the blue tape on the stairs… painting isn’t done) Hey, Mindy… you’re hiding! Did you do that on purpose?

Then they walked into the kitchen! I LOVED Mum’s reaction! She was sooooo surprised! Dad was pretty surprised, too. He was taking it all in.

The remodel isn’t done yet, but they got the feel for what we’ve been up to for the last three months. We told them they have to come back soon to see it all finished. 😉

We had a lot going on that day and no one wanted their pictures on my blog (including The Offspring and Mindy playing Wii, so I’m including my self-portraits…

Hubby surprised me with National Treasure and National Treasure 2 on Blu-Ray. (I’m hiding behind them… see my hat?)

For those who often wonder why I’m not in most of the pictures on my blog… I am usually the one holding the camera… this time, too… hence the CLOSE-UPS this time! It was really hard taking these photos… my family thought I was nuts!

Mindy surprised me with two boxes of Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea. If you haven’t had it… try it!! I really like it!!! 😀

You’ve seen this gift already (Happy New Year and My Favorite Things Trivia and Quiz!) Thanks again, Hubby and The Offspring, for my WONDERFUL Christmas gift!

Hubby surprised me with this cookbook. I hadn’t even asked for it. He said he saw it and thought of me! 😀 It’s HUGE one (905 pages without the index). I can’t wait to start feeling better so I can start baking!

Then, Mindy surprised me again…

…YEP, she fed my Le Creuset addiction!! 😀 Oh yeah… I don’t have pictures, but Hubby and The Offspring also fed it… they gave me a couple of gift certificates!! Can I hear a YIPPPEEEE!?!

Mum and Dad gave me a cute card with some money… nope, no Le Creuset with this money… at least I don’t think so! 😉

As you can see I had fun. I sure wish my family wasn’t a bunch of party poopers and would let me post their pictures… there is a GREAT one of The Offspring and her gift to Hubby

Then there’s the one of Mindy and her surprise gift….

Oh yeah… and the Wii battle….

They’re NO FUN! 🙁

Did you get any surprise gifts?