Friday Funny: Christmas Birthday

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I want to try to start each weekend off right, so I am going to post a “Friday Funny” each week. I also plan on having a Linky so others can share their “funnies”. This week’s Friday Funny wasn’t chosen because of the “humor” of it, but because it is a comic (like in “the funnies” from the paper).

OK, I know Christmas was a couple weeks ago, but I just found this comic and because I know someone bit by this curse I chose to post it today because it’s a “comic”… I did already wish him a Happy Birthday, but here goes it again… Happy [Belated] Birthday, Dude! I still plan on living up to my promise… when I’m no longer sick, I will make all the birthday goodies I normally do! 😉

Christmas Birthday
Comic courtesy of

Do you know anyone who has December 25th as his/her birthday?

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