Remodel, Part 24: Phase 1 Done, Phase 2 Starting

WHEW! It’s been nearly two-and-a-half months, but our remodel Phase 1 is now D-O-N-E! Well, Super Brad came and collected the balance due, so it must be done. This isn’t from tonight… but I HAVE to post it, right??!?!?

Oh, Hi, Brent! I caught you working… Brad’s hiding and you’re working… NOW you have your proof!

Brad, I told you hiding wouldn’t do you any good… you’d think after two-and-a-half months you’d know better!

I warned you…

OH… sorry! I digressed! Back to the subject at hand… the remodel…

The kitchen, family room and powder room are done!!! OK… 99.999% done… there a few minor things with the floor that still need to be addressed, but WHEW!

I don’t have a bunch of pictures because Phase 2 (dining room and living room [future office]) have “barfed” (stuff) all over the kitchen peninsula and family room.

Here’s a quick picture of the kitchen, well the food preparation area…

…and here’s the powder room… (we still need to get toilet paper and towel holders)

I forgot to get pictures of the dining room before they started, but it looks much like the living room (soon to be office). We almost never used the living room for anything other than a mini-workout area (which admittedly didn’t get used like it should). So we decided to make it into an office.

Here’s what the living room looks like now… (well, after we removed the furniture)

It should take them a couple more days to finish and then Phase 2 will be done! Seriously? It could be done this week?!?!? (I’ll believe it when I see it!) Then it’s time to start putting things back together. UGH! Well, not all of it… we’re considering a Phase 3… Unless I have myself committed! I went into a bit of shock when I got the estimate… still recovering… need to see if we can afford it… comeback and see if we go through with it… 😉

Do you have a room that you don’t use much? Have you thought about changing it’s purpose? If so, which room and what did you do with it or would like to do with it?