Remodel, Part 25: New Office

Whew… if you recall from Remodel, Part 24: Phase 1 Done, Phase 2 Starting the living room looked like this:

Well, Frank came and painted… The color is Sherwin Williams Borscht. If your monitor isn’t showing a dark cranberry color then you’re not seeing my new office in the right color… Ohhhhhh… I LOVE IT!

…Aaron took down the old trim (shown above) and put up the new trim around the windows (shown here) and Frank did the caulking… Hi, Frank and Aaron! Frank and Aaron did AMAZING WORK! Frank’s painting was clean and straight-lined.

Here Aaron is putting in the trim in the entryway…

Here is the room with the trim done…

…and here is the entryway and new glass French doors doors (the living room didn’t have doors)…

Well… the Honey Bucket is gone… all the paper is off the floors… driveway has been pressure washed. Dining room carpet still needs cleaning so I will post one more Phase 2 post and then we’ll close the books on Phase 2.

Many have asked me what Phase 3 is… well, see those stairs, newel post and railing? We’re 98% sure that we’re moving forward with having those all replaced. Hubby really wants to finish off the house with hard wood, well at least the traffic areas (OK, I mentioned it first)… so the carpet twill be torn out on the stairs and in the loft space at the top of the stairs. The new floor will be hardwood just as is shown in the picture above. Additionally, we will be having new trim put around all the loft-side of doorways and window to match the Phase 1 and 2 trimwork. There are still some things we need to discuss with Brent before we’re positive we’re doing it… but I will keep you all posted.

Are we nuts for continuing? (Kim, I know you think I am and that I should wait six months… Hubby doesn’t want to wait that long.) With my hurt back I can’t pack the loft so Hubby is going to help. I am tired of remodeling and want to enjoy my “new home” If we do it now (or soon) then we’ll be done and can enjoy it.