Made with Love by Ma

I’ve talked before about Ma and Pa, remember they have Rosie. They are the couple who live behind us. Our two families adopted each nearly the month we moved into our house 15 years ago… OMGOSH! Has it really been 15 years?!?! WOW! Anyway…

Several weeks ago Ma told me that she was making me something for our new kitchen, but that she doesn’t move as fast as before. I told her “no worries”… Well, we received her handmade gifts and they are soooooo beautiful and mean so very much to us. But before I share them with you, I need to give you the “backstory”…

Last summer, Ma was diagnosed with breast cancer. 🙁 She underwent surgery to remove the masses, radiation, chemo and is still getting treatments. It has been a difficult time for her and I wish I could do more to help her… she doesn’t like to ask for help… (hey, Ma, you gotta get over that and ask me for help!)

As part of Ma’s recovery her doctor told her to exercise her brain by doing puzzles to help combat Chemo Brain. Chemo-brain is the mental cloudiness or fog before, during and after chemotherapy. She got to work doing puzzles, including Wii games to keep her mind and coordination working.

She called me and said she had our gift. When I arrived I saw this really cool bag… Gotta love the colors! Hubby calls me The Bag Lady. It’s too funny… I love bags! 😀

Ma told me what the doctor had said and that she had done nine giant puzzle books and wanted to do something different so she decided to sew. It was difficult for her, but I think they are PERFECTLY sewn!

She made us the wonderful reversible placemats and pot holders! Not only are they reversible they are layered and can be rolled in for another cool effect…

Aren’t the patterns so cute?!?!