My Favorite Love Story

As I mentioned in my Reading, not my favorite hobby post I talked about how much I don’t like to read. I LOVE audiobooks. I have several. One of my first audiobooks was Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

I fell in LOVE with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s story… I love the story so much I have several copies of the book…

Audiobook eBook on my iPhone… The Offspring has a paperback copy and I recently bought a copy for me…
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Now, as for this new copy… notice the colors? It’s geared toward the tweens and teens who’re in love with the Twilight series… look at the bottom left corner of the book… “Discover the connections between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy and Bella and Edward, take the Which Character Would You Be? quiz…

It has a quiz and even Facebook profiles for Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy! Go figure! 🙄

I do NOT have this copy though…

I also LOVE the Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle movie

On Saturday, The Offspring and I watched the Keira Knightley version. I LOVE the ending! Evidently, the US ending is ranked as one Entertainment Weekly’s greatest movie endings of all time.

One of my new favorite movies is Lost in Austen. We rented it from Netflix and fell in love with it. I watched it twice and sent it back to them and immediately ordered our own copy from Amazon. The story is about a modern day girl, Amanda Price, who has a surprise visit from Elizabeth Bennet who has come through, of all places, Amanda’s bathroom wall into modern day London. Amanda and Elizabeth swap places and Amanda ends up in the Bennet house. The movie is a unique twist on the original story. I love some of the twists and enjoyed how we learn alternate perspectives on the Bennets and their acquaintances.

We watched it twice this weekend… yeah, it was Pride and Prejudice weekend at our place. 😀 Oh yeah, we tried to watch the 1940 version with Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier… UGH! The “creative freedom” taken with this movie made it unbearable and we turned it off! The costumes were terrible… NOT the right period… the hats were hideous and the story was mucked up so bad it was just terrible! YUCK! 🙁

I read (yes, read) at least chapter a night at bedtime. I’m surprised that I don’t dream of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy! 😉

Have you read Pride and Prejudice?