Garden 2011 Update; 2 Weeks Growth Part 2

While I’ve been sharing photos of my radishes, I have neglected giving updates about my poor other plants. They’re feeling neglected. I think they must have the internet out there because I received complaints from them when I went out to water yesterday. 😉

Here is a quick look around my vegetable garden… I am quite happy with it, given it all got planted so late (end of June)… but our Oregon spring sucked… rain lasted forever (in fact, it’s back again this week). I want the SUN to come back!!!!!

Right now it is just after 1PM and is overcast and only 64 degrees (17.7 C). Sorry for those of you in the sweltering heat!!!

Green Leaf Lettuce…

Bush Green Beans… this is my first year growing green beans. Look at those tiny little things! 🙂 They are about an inch to inch and a half. (not too bad on the bokeh either – didn’t even try. 😉 )

Sun Gold Tomatoes…

Morton Hybrid Tomato…

Eggplant – not a good shot of it (I was in a hurry)…

Crookneck Squash – that’s my forefinger on the right… look how tiny the squash is!! The flowers are beautiful.

Do you have pictures of your garden to share? Put a link in a comment. 😉