My Favorite Love Story, update

So remember back in March, I talked about My Favorite Love Story and all the different versions of Pride and Prejudice I have? You remember… books, ebooks and movies…

In March I stated that I LOVED the Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle movie… and that one of my new favorite movies is Lost in Austen. I also said this…

The Offspring and I watched the Keira Knightley version. I LOVE the ending! Evidently, the US ending is ranked as one Entertainment Weekly’s greatest movie endings of all time.

Well, I was at Walmart yesterday and they had a combo DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Copy set for $15.00! Knowing that The Offspring enjoyed it so much and I’m addicted to the story, I grabbed it and put it in my cart.

The Offspring and I plan on our next “mom-daughter” date night. Can’t wait! 😀

Speaking of Pride and Prejudice, I was reading it and posting the chapters online. I need to get back to doing that… I stopped after Chapter 3. Ooooops!

Watch for Chapter 4 later this week. I have posted all the chapters on one page, you can get caught up by reading here. It’s all on one page so no jumping around to three different post. 😉

Will you join me in reading it?