Feeling really stupid

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE my brother B. He’s awesome.

He’s also really really really smart… so smart he has a BS in Math, MS in Statistics and PhD is Statistics … ICK! He’s presented papers around the world … about statistics… ICK! ICK! (oh yeah, his wife … she has a MS in Stats, too! UGH! Their kids are already brilliant and they’re not even out of grade school.

Although I have a BS in Computer Science, I didn’t have to take a gazillion math classes … you know… like a math minor or heaven forbid a math major… let alone someone like B who has his Masters and PhD in that icky stuff.

I just “don’t get math”. Give me a complex computer program to write and I’m good to go (even without an advanced degree I do quite well – surprise even myself sometimes. 😉 )

Anyway, for years The Offspring has been taking advanced math classes and well… I SUCK and can’t help her… so I call Uncle B to get help.

Well, this year The Offpspring is taking AP Calculus and getting dual-credit through a university here in town… ICK! Neither she nor I like math. 😀 She came home today and I was at a loss so… you guessed it… I called B.

Again… B is GREAT! I wouldn’t trade him for the world… but geeze! I feel really stupid when he explains stuff to me… I just don’t get it. Bits of memory start to come back to the surface and then I look at The Offspring’s fancy dancy calculator… and I’m lost… again…

…and feel really stupid.

Do you ever feel that way?
P.S. Love you, B!