Beaver or Duck?

I stopped by the grocery store last night and was completely surprised by what I saw…

…they were even in separate end caps… They must be worried about a “Civil War” breaking out in the grocery store. LOL! These bags were over $3.75 each. Geeze! Seriously??? Seems kind of spendy for me.

Oh, yeah… then I walked around to pick up a pre-made salad (wasn’t too good BTW)… and saw these… wpid-BeaversDucksMustard-2011-09-22-06-40.jpg

These were together in the cooler… I guess no Civil War threat in the Deli. 😉

Seriously??? Why on earth spend the extra money just for chips in school colors and matching bag and mustard in with special labeling.

Abigail, have you seen these down near you? Are you guys such school supporters that you’d pay extra for chips in school colors?

Am I nuts? Guess it’s because I’m not a Beaver or Duck. (for those not from Oregon or don’t know the mascots… Beaver = Oregon State and Duck = University of Oregon)